xline is a design label based in Greece

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Founder, designer, and active businessman Christos Psichomanis spent years perfecting the art of creating spaces of the highest quality and consulting customers on the principles of the design world.
He deals with a specialized field where function and aesthetics collide with satisfying the user needs.


He has been the founder of idhome since 2007 and now his personal approach to product design is invested on this experience.
The designer decided to incorporate his knowledge of the design world into his personal line, thus xline was born.


His vision focuses on displaying the beauty of the form while experimenting with materials. His deep appreciation of techniques in fine handwork appears throughout his designs.
Sensitive thoughtful handling and elegance are the elements that form the signature style of xline.
Clearly positioned between crafts and design, he takes a closer and professional look to the user needs.
All end up in a strong design identity which is driven by passion for geometric proportion, cleanliness and attention to detail.
He lives and works in Pyrgos, Greece.